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CFX_HTTP5 is a state-of-the-art fully customizable high performance C/C++ tag (0% Java; 0% COM; 0% MFC) that can be used instead of CFHTTP in ColdFusion applications on MS Windows platform. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.


Tag is built on WinHttp 5.1 API - native Windows HTTP layer - and, therefore, supports all security and authentication protocols, regardless of whether ColdFusion supports them or not. Built-in per-request security context switch.

Tested under ColdFusion 3.1, 4.5, 5.0, 6.x, 7.0, 8.x, and 9.0 on hundreds educational, commercial, and governmental Web-sites worldwide.

Unlimited lifetime support. Free upgrades from any version to the most current version.

Increases the speed of HTTP communications up to 64 times. Proven to be the best and fastest HTTP connectivity tool on the market. Times faster than Macromedia's HttpAgent. More flexible and effective than MX 7's Async Gateways. Faster, than anything you can, possibly, program in Java.

Critical portions of the code were written in manually optimized Assembler to provide the maximum performance. CFX_HTTP5 will outperform any other ColdFusion, Java, .NET, or PHP tool.

Note for CFMX 6.0 users. The tag may or may not work under CFMX 6.0. The tag itself is CF version independent. However, due to unexplainable reasons some users have reported problems when using CFX_HTTP5 with CFMX 6.0. It does not mean the tag does not work - we just do not support it on MX 6.0.

Create real mulithreaded and distributed applications in any version of Cold Fusion.

Launch up to 64 independend "threads" than can run on the same or different physical machines. The main thread uses non-preemtive multitasking to control other threads and serves, as a merging point for results of other threads. You can drastically increase the performance of your application by re-distrubuting complex tasks between different machines and executing them in parallel.

Scenario 1

Imagine you need to query three HTTP servers in order to build the resulting page. It takes 1 sec for the first server to respond, 2 sec - for the second, and 3 sec - for the third. If you use standard CFHTTP tag, it will take at least 6 sec (1+2+3) to build the final page. With CFX_HTTP5 you can do it in 3 sec (max(1, 2, 3)). You also can start processing some shorter responses while longer ones still executing.

Scenario 2

If you need to query a HTTP server (takes 3 sec) and execute a query against a database server (takes 5 sec), you will need at least 8 sec to build the response page using standard tools. With CFX_HTTP5 you could launch the HTTP request and execute the database query in parallel. Therefore, you need only 5 sec to get external data. Moreover, you can run HTTP queries on background of a lengthy processing that you may have.

The package includes:

Download evaluation version here.

Evaluation version is a fully-functional version that limits number of requests you can make (about 200). When the limit is met, the tag will produce an error on every call. To make tag functional again, you will have to re-start ColdFusion service.

Note that the licensing is per physical machine. Volume discounts and site licenses are available. If you legally own CFX_HTTP5 and would like to get the latest version of the product, just e-mail us.

If you need help in building high-performance communications, consulting services available.

Number of licenses Price (USD) Save
1 License
2 Licenses
$60 $40
3 Licenses
$90 $60
4 Licenses
$120 $80
5 Licenses
$150 $100
6 Licenses
$170 $130
7 Licenses
$175 $175
8 Licenses
$200 $200
9 Licenses
$225 $225
10 Licenses
$250 $250
11 Licenses
$260 $290
12 Licenses
$270 $330
13 Licenses
$280 $370
14 Licenses
$290 $410
15 Licenses
$300 $450
16 Licenses
$320 $480
17 Licenses
$340 $510
18 Licenses
$360 $540
19 Licenses
$380 $570
20 Licenses
$400 $600

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