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Replacement for CFEXECUTE plus a set of system functions

One more <CFEXECUTE> implementation for MS Windows platform. What makes this tag different?

  • Starts external processes using the same algorithm, as Windows itself.
  • Desktop selection.  Therefore, interactive and message-based applications can be successfuly installed, debugged, and executed.
  • Launch external application interactively to see what exactly happens and why it does not work.
  • Account specifiication.  Allow run external processes under a specific account.
  • On-the-fly batch files creation.
  • Better timeouts and external processes handling.
  • Does not leave "zombie" processes that consume resources of your system.
  • Returns process Exit Code.
  • Returns process ID (can be used to monitor the external process).
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported

Library of system-level functions (not related to CFEXECUTE, but useful for every developer):

  • Make CF script "sleep" for a given time (no CPU usage).
  • Get system-wide information abour server computer (BIOS name, number of CPUs, memory size, etc.).
  • Get real-time "Windows Task Manager"-like information about all or about specific process running on the server. Programmatically (and remotly) monitor health of your system.
  • Random access file read utility in various character and binary formats.  Read any portion of any file, as characters, integers, unsigned numbers, base64 encoded string, or hexadecimal representation.  Need to detect a type of graphics file, or picture dimensions?  Just read these data from the file. Access can be performed under arbitrary account.
  • Random access file write utility.  Allows writing a portion of a file in various charcter and binary formats.  Access can be performed under arbitrary account.
  • IP and/or DNS address resolution of a given (by IP or DNS) Internet host.
  • Extended file and directory information: file attributes, file timestamps; volume and file system information.
  • Disk drive information: drive type, total size, free space.
  • List of logical disk drives available in the system.
  • User account verification against local system or Windows domain.
  • Base64 decoding: does not fail, like ToString(), if result contains NULL bytes.
  • Encrypt/Decrypt data in memory. BlowFish algorithm - fast Assembler implementation.
  • Encrypt/Decrypt data files (without reading). BlowFish algorithm - very fast Assembler implementation.

Complete documentation and extensive examples included.

Almost invisible footprint.  0% Java, 0% MFC. At least 5 times smaller than known equivalents.

Free lifetime support.
Free upgrades to the most current version from any previous version.

Download evaluation version here.

Evaluation version is a fully-functional version that limits number of requests you can make (about 200). When the limit is met, the tag will produce an error on every call. To make tag functional again, you will have to re-start ColdFusion service.

Note that the licensing is per physical machine. Volume discounts and site licenses are available. If you legally own CFX_EXEC and would like to get the latest version of the product, just e-mail us.

Number of licenses Price (USD) Save
1 License
2 Licenses
$50 $10
3 Licenses
$75 $15
4 Licenses
$100 $20
5 Licenses
$120 $30
6 Licenses
$130 $60
7 Licenses
$140 $70
8 Licenses
$160 $80
9 Licenses
$180 $90
10 Licenses
$200 $100
11 Licenses
$210 $120
12 Licenses
$220 $140
13 Licenses
$230 $160
14 Licenses
$240 $180
15 Licenses
$250 $200
16 Licenses
$260 $220
17 Licenses
$270 $240
18 Licenses
$280 $260
19 Licenses
$290 $280
20 Licenses
$300 $300

How to buy:

  • Option 1.

    Mail to us a check written on a US bank. Email us for mailing address.

  • Option 2.

    Pay via PayPal to account. Production package will be emailed to you upon funds clearance.

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